Absolute Voice Inc.© is a Major Market Freelance Voice.

We provide Voice Over solutions for your every need.


Absolute Voice Specializes in....

bullet Telephone On-Hold
bullet Radio Commercials
bullet Television/Cable Voice-Overs
bullet Educational Cassettes & CDs
bullet After-Hours Messages 
bullet Information Hotline
bullet Internet Audio
bullet Overhead Messaging
bullet Voice Mail Prompts

Our Work

We pride ourselves in providing fast and efficient service. From the very moment we begin working together, you'll appreciate our warm and courteous staff. Your experience will be pleasurable.  

E-mail your script and you will have a finished clean track in your computer the same day or on a CD the next day

Audio files are compressed to MP3 format (the same compression used in many live ISDN voice sessions) and can be opened as .wav or .aiff files.

Listen to samples of work by Absolute Voice.




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